Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to the show:

How long does it last?

The duration of all Barcelona and Flamenco shows is 1h 15 min.

Hay break?

No, the duration is 1h 15min without break.

Return of Entries:

Entrances will not change and return. Before any cancellation the application of the conciertos will be communicated to the client by email or the called telephone.

The purchase of an entry through a credit card implies compliance with the conditions of the general sales of Barcelona and Flamenco. With the purchase of tickets you get the reservation of a place in the chosen show. No refunds will apply to those purchases with a credit card or other means of payment, regardless of whether or not the session has been enjoyed.

Related questions about the theater:

If you can get food?

No, only water is allowed in both theaters.

How long is the anticipation time to get to the theater?

Make sure you get between 20 and 15 minutes before.

Related Questions with Entries:

If you can get the entries in the mobile?

If you can show the furniture at the entrance of the theater.

Are you careless for groups?

No, we currently do not offer carelessness to groups.

Are there any entries for kids?

For the past five years the children at the entrance will have to sit in the Asian temple of their priests. From 6 years old you have to buy a ticket.