Barcelona y Flamenco
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Gran Gala Flamenco

A journey into the heart of flamenco

In this flamenco show the spectator will discover the intensity of the passion of the gypsy people through the time and will know the new generation of flamenco artists in Barcelona



september 2020

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Gran Gala Flamenco is the only flamenco show in Barcelona that takes the spectator into a trip for different “palos” of flamenco (rhythmic patterns such as the cheerful  “bulería”, “solea” solemn and intense, dynamic and relaxed “alegría”, resonant and rhythmic “tango”, “guajira”, “farruca”…).

In this flamenco show the spectator will discover the intensity of the passion of the gypsy people through the time and will know the new generation of flamenco artists in Barcelona.

Gran Gala Flamenco counts with the musical direction of Juan Gomez “Chicuelo”, one of the most relevant guitarrist players of flamenco currently and one of the most prolific and interesting composers of the last generations of Spanish artists.

With his flamenco guitar “Chicuelo” has played with cantaores like Enrique Morente, Miguel Poveda, Duquende, José Mercé, Diego El Cigala and also has compose songs for companies of renown flamenco artists like Antonio Canales and Israel Galvan

He has also worked with jazz musicians like Chano Dominguez, Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Jordi Bonell and Raynald Colom, and has had collaborations wityh the pianist Maria João Pires.

In 2013, Juan Gómez “Chicuelo” He reaches the main award of his career, the Goya Award for Best Original Song for the theme of the film Snow White “No te puedo encontrar”.

Gran Gala Flamenco is a unique flamenco show , a mix of sensations, rhythms and movements that define the flamenco art, declared in 2010 as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.

In theatres for the whole year in the Palau de la Música (the unique modernist concert hall declared World Patrimony by UNESCO) and in the Teatre Poliorama in las Ramblas in Barcelona, the grand spectacle Gran Gala Flamenco offers the perfect mix between heart and soul, music and dance, passion and rhythm. A unique and unforgettable gift from the heart of Spain.


  • Farruca Is one of the most recent "palos" originally from the north os Spain.
  • Buleria It is a boisterous, festive and happy "palo".
  • Guajira It is a very happy and rhytmic style. The musical style that was taken from Cuba to the Canary Islands.
  • Zorongo It is a popular flamenco "palo" belonging to andalucian music.
  • Tangos This "palo" is one of the most oldest and rythmic in flamenco.
  • Solea por Buleria It is one of the pillars of flamenco for its solemnity wich characterises its performance.
  • Tanguillos It is a stylish dance, graceful and cunning.
  • Alegria It is a "palo" happy and lively, it is characterised by its dynamism grace and fluidity.
  • Tangos de Málaga This is a typical dance from Malaga with a festive feel.


  • Flamenco Dancer: Lorena Oliva
  • Flamenco Dancer: Maria José González
  • Flamenco Dancer: Iván Alcalá
  • Flamenco Dancer: Nacho Blanco
  • Percussion: Jacobo Sánchez
  • Flamenco Guitar: Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”
  • Flamenco Guitar: Santiago Amaya “El Tati”
  • Flamenco Singer: Joaquín “El Duende”
  • Flamenco Singer: Raul Leiva Amador
  • Violin: Carlos Caro
  • Sound Director: Aldo Toesca
  • Photos: A.Bofill, O.Vidal
  • Music Director: Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”


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