A young and promising cast of ten dancers on stage, the show “Guitarra y Flamenco – Ballet Español”, presents a great variety of choreographies, with the great successes of Spanish music and their versions to guitar and orchestra. It is a show in which different pieces of dance meet in Spanish Dance with Flamenco tints, where you can enjoy the movement of the Manila shawls, the touch of castanets, the sound of the zapateados and the suggestive dance technique of the Dance Spanish. A very complete show that manages to surprise and excite the viewer thanks to the excellent interpretation of its dancers.

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Un giovane e promettente cast di dieci ballerini sul palco, lo spettacolo “Guitarra y Flamenco – Ballet Español”, presenta una grande varietà di coreografie, con i grandi successi della musica spagnola e le loro versioni per chitarra e orchestra


  1. Suite de Carmen
  2. Sombrero de tres picos
  3. A Pastora
  4. Bolero de Ravel
  5. Asturias
  6. El burladero
  7. Paso a dos
  8. Paganini
  9. Fandango
  10. Adalí
  11. La leyenda del beso
  12. Las Manolas
  13. Libertando
  14. Triana
  15. Sevilla
Barcelona y Flamenco
Barcelona y Flamenco


Bailaor: Victor Ramos, multidisciplinary artist with training in different branches of the performing arts. He has participated in different productions at national and international level with companies such as “Els Commediants”, “Viviana Sanchez dance company” is currently part of the young cast of the show “Guitar and Flamenco” “Ballet español”

Bailaora: Ana Isabel Martin, born in Barcelona and artistically known as Anita Martin graduated in Spanish Dance at the Professional Dance Conservatory of Barcelona “Institut Del Teatre”.He has worked and collaborated in several companies in Barcelona.Winner of the Spanish Dance award in the XXIII national dance call “Ciudad de Castellón”. Currently part of the young cast of the show Guitarra y Flamenco “Ballet Español”

Bailaora: Ariana López, born in Barcelona in 1999, is a dancer with a degree in Spanish dance from the Professional Conservatory of Dance of Barcelona. Throughout her training she has participated in different events and has been a finalist in the Castellón contest in the flamenco specialty of 2018/19. Currently part of the young cast of the show Guitarra y Flamenco “Ballet Español”

Art Direction: Vanesa Gálvez “La Lirio”