How to pick the best flamenco show in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one the most visited touristic destinations worldwide, mostly because of its broad entertainment options. Among them all, the flamenco shows are one of the main attractions due to the traditional and eye-catching features. Because of it, the presence of these flamenco shows has been growing in the city causing that some of them can’t be considered as authentic as others, but merely a touristic attraction. For this reason, is really important to know which of them are really worth-seeing from the traditional point of view.  One of the best options to enjoy a high-quality artistic flamenco show in the city is «Barcelona y Flamenco«, a company that has the excellence certificate of Trip Advisor and which music director is no other than the great Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, awarded with a Goya prize for its main theme in the Snow White movie.

What is “Barcelona y Flamenco”? And why was created?

Mentioning this company, it’s speaking of one the best dance companies in Barcelona, with an experience of more than 15 years performing. Their shows are focused in the flamenco, but no any flamenco, but a high-quality one. Their shows have been presented in the most important theaters in the city of Barcelona, mixing tradition and modernity into a perfect cocktail.

flamenco group in barcelona at the palau de la musica catalana

The company has experienced a meteoric rise in the city. Their two main shows named “Opera y Flamenco” and “Gran Gala Flamenco” have filled each and every performance of the company achieving an audience way above the 3 million specters.  According to the statistics, these two shows are among the most seen spectacles within their category in the city of Barcelona.

After these two very successful shows, the prestigious company premiered their third spectacle in 2017 which they named “Guitarra y Flamenco” producing a beautiful and special homage of one the most characteristic instruments in the Spanish culture: the guitar.

As mentioned before, the direction of the company is carried out but the great Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”, musical director and guitarist in “Opera y Flamenco” and also “Gran Gala Flamenco”. Every single person familiarized with the flamenco in Barcelona, knows very well that “Chicuelo” is one the most relevant guitar performers of this style. In addition to that, he has numerous and iconic compositions together with some of the most important Spanish artists

Their shows: an authentic feast for the senses

Opera y Flamenco

The famous show “Opera y Flamenco”, with the presence of the tenor Óscar Marín, one of the best in the Spanish musical panorama, tells the tormentous story of love and hatred among the bailaores interpreted by their own souls, the singers. In it, you will enjoy of sensual choreographies alternated with some of the most famous opera arias as “Il Trovatore” from Giussepe Verdi, “Carmen” from G. Bizet or “Tosca” and “La Bohème” from the great Puccini. In this play, you will experience a beautiful mix of flamenco and lyric.

A flamenco show in Barcelona at Palau de la Musica Catalana. At the stage tow couples: soprano and tenor, and a flamenco male dancer with a flamenco female dancer.

Gran Gala Flamenco

In “Gran Gala Flamenco” you will surely feel the passion and strength of the gipsy people throughout time touring the different flamenco styles, also known as “palos”. The bulería representing a festive and joyful ambiance; the solea, a solemn and intense aspect and the alegría with a remarkable dynamic essence are main characters of the play. “Palos” like the tango, the guajira and the farruca are also part of this beautiful show. In “Gran Gala Flamenco”, the stage is taken by the new and magnificent generation of Catalonian flamenco artists, offering the audience the idyllic union between soul and heart, dance and music, rhythm and passion. A gift from the Spanish heart to the world, that is, “Gran Gala Flamenco” show.

three flamenco dancers dancing in barcelona at the palau de la musica catalana

Guitarra y Flamenco

“Guitarra y Flamenco” is a beautiful flamenco show in Barcelona as a well-deserved tribute to the Spanish dance and guitar. Through a very soulful style designed to immerse the audience in a delicate and warm mix of authentic rhythms, the flamenco guitar displays its powerful strength combined with the unique sensuality of the Spanish dance. In this play, you will enjoy the most famous creations of renowned Spanish artists. Coming to this show will be like making a trip through the Spanish culture by the hand of the best flamenco guitar players and artists in the city of Barcelona.

a flamenco female dancer in barcelona

Theaters where “Barcelona y Flamenco” can be seen

Palau de la Música Catalana

The magnificent Palau de la Música Catalana is the only modernistic concert hall in the world declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Currently, it is a gathering point of the cultural and social life of the city of Barcelona standing as a symbolic and sentimental landmark for all the city inhabitants. Through this concert hall you can get at a glance some of the city history.

flamenco group at the palau de la musica catalana

Teatre Poliorama

Founded in 1906, the Teatre Poliorama was built inside the building of Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Barcelona. It is located in the center of the city in the well-known street of Las Ramblas. Its role in the cultural history of the city has been crucial and for that reason, it has been selected by this company to present the public their prestigious shows.