“El Yiyo” is a talent, artistic expression in all of its splendor. A unique bailaor that gives off energy, passion and sensibility to transmit with his personal footprint a complete vision of registers and genres which make it special and amazing in all its facets. “A Contratiempo” is the most personal show to date that defines El Yiyo in his total essence, a genuine style that transmits everything that the bailaor has built up over the

years. A contemporary flamenco. Exploring new eclectic sounds that have influenced the artist, surprising costumes and a cast of artists who accompany him on stage, he elevates the passion and sincerity that characterizes El Yiyo, creating a flamenco show that transcends between genres “a contratiempo”.


“A Contratiempo”是迄今为止最个性化的节目,从整体上定义了El Yiyo

Barcelona y Flamenco Yiyo


  • Dancer: El Yiyo
  • Singer: Miguel de la Tolea
  • Singer: José de la Miguela
  • Singer: Joaquin El Duende
  • Dancer: Marina González
  • Dancer: Maria José González
  • Drawer: Paco de Mode
  • Guitar: Santiago Amaya “El Tati”
  • Guitar: José Andres Cortés